Monday, October 29, 2007

Oracle Salary raises stuck

Non licence personal will have yet again to wait before seeing any salary increase for FY08.
Management annouced that these decisions will have to wait the Nov/December timeframe
For the first time in Oracle history, those salary raises will not be back ported to occur in September.
A good example on how to win 3 months in salary expenses credit.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Comprised Oracle UK Computers ?

DenyHosts reports is pointing Oracle UK computers for running SSH Attacks ?
No word from the company yet.
Full Article on The Register.

Hyperion Acquisitions - No redundancies - (Yet ?)

Following EMEA HR communication, The EWC consultation raises some doubts regarding the following statement

The EWC particularly appreciates that no redundancies in connection with the acquisition will be made ahead of the local subsidiary combinations.

Once again communication is the main concern as you will not be able to locate any EWC Rep internal website. Are we lacking internal communication facilities ?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

EWC Special Meeting - France position

The EWC special meeting due to take place next week will consider the Hyperion acquisition, the On Demand Reorganisation, and the EWC Kick off.
Regarding the On Demand reorganisation, the FR Rep mandate to be confirmed next week during the Local Work's Council meeting, should be as follows :

  1. What are the employement perspectives in support within Europe and Egypt (existing positions, forcasts, country per country distribution, critical capabilities...)
  2. From an expert perspectives, what are the sensible alternate projects ?
  3. What are the projects economics - Revenue&Margin per country, Cost breakdown
  4. What is the expected Return on Investments and associated business plan.
  5. What are the quality sustaining processes. What are the existing figures ?
  6. What are the minimal conditions offered to employees loosing their jobs EMEA wide ?
  7. Will the associated costs be cross charged to Oracle Corp ?
    What are the forseenable impacts on remaing employees "Compensation and Benefits" ?
  8. What are the different scenarios regarding the possible social impacts ?
  9. Country per Country Equity conditions regarding access to EMEA positions ?
  10. Roumania On Demand hiring history details

We do expect the EWC to provide a detailled position regarding its position to the proposed collective redundancy. In fact, people are beeing made redundant by hiring new collegues in Roumania...

Friday, June 22, 2007

FR - No Country Kick-Off for support folks based outside Paris

BE AMAZED... Corporate Campaign says...

As an Oracle employee I feel deeply ashamed by the first exclusion of support employees, based outside Paris, who are beeing refused their flight approval for the annual meeting.

Despite the Vision 2010 annoucement, sharing strategy, beeing one team seems no longer to be an Oracle value...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trade and Immigration lobbying

Keeping inline with gouvernement regulations, and maybe influencing those regulations, Oracle hired a lobbying company services to back up its interests towards congress.

Read more

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Support Folks - No travelling please - Ever (??)

Welcome inside the support Matrix.

Different emails from management are heavily reminding support personnal that should never ever travel. In many cases personnal internal meetings are impratical, even for a yearly appraisal with your manager (???)

"The previous message included reference to face to face discussion which was incorrect, it is not a requirement to meet in person and is in many cases impractical in a global corporation."

Even Country kick off, physical off-site training are beeing covered by the heavy margin improvement-over-travelling goal.

Let's not forget that remote home working during normal work hours (and heavy traffic congestions) is still forbidden in many countries.

This makes the support Line of Business very much unaligned with Vision 2010, Corporate Social Responsability Energy Reduction Plan, training duties, and normal people management rules.

This sounds like going very very far in the savings, raising unhappy comments from employees.
What does the company expects in return for those cuts ?
Perhaps for more Employee headcount transfer towards Egypt ?

Where is my blue pill ?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ex-Oracle VP to pay 198K$ to SEC for settlement

Acquisitions may be very lucrative when you get the information first hand...

Monday, April 30, 2007

Oracle EWC - Negociations failed ?

All Special Negociation Body representatives have tried hard to make Oracle European Work's Council a true vehicule to carry their interests in front of the management, in the spirit of the EU Directive.

However, the US Company management seems not to be in capability to cope with this level of initiatives from employees.

The following main hard issues could not be resolved :
- Consultation process and the possibility to consider employees points of view
- Transnational Events Triggering (how many people to dismiss before consulting ?)
- Agenda exclusion list - Too many items could not be brought towards management, especially when talking about employees' interests.

You may want to see the SNB expert letter sent as a compliance with expertise ethics .

Management has until May 11th to come back on these negociations before Oracle become the very first company in EU to run an EWC by law.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

BIW Acquisition - Hyperion ?

The news is massively spreading in the internet world.
Hyperion is about to be purchased by Oracle for 3.1 Billion Dollars, quite reaching the 3.4 Billions Dollars FY06 GAAP net income. This would mark a very significant move within the BI Space.
No official statement has yet been released within Oracle nor towards Employee Reps.

More informations : New York Times

Friday, February 09, 2007

Indian workers are rising

You may be interested in recent moves in Bangalore, where Mahatma Gandhi country workers show they can raise to defend their social rights.
The social awareness process is under way...
More : January Strikes - Oct 2006 tech Strike