Friday, April 02, 2010

Sun France Sales On Strike

This is yet quite an unusual event in our companies, but the Change In Control process really triggered anger from sales force. The sudden change in engagement procedures, sales conditions, especially the support sales ones, severly jammed the "happy merge momentum".

Oracle/Sun Management is asked to provide urgent answers to have the sales force back on line, fully engaged to fullfill their objectives without restraints.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

World's second most admired company ?

For your information, an interesting comment sent to Fortune Magazine by one Oracle employee...

I looked at two of your most recent research findings and was surprised, even shocked by an inconsistency. In your list of the World’s Most Admired Companies, in the sub-list by industry Oracle appears as number 2, behind Adobe (they are both put under “Software”.) And Apple (which appears in a different category, “Hardware”) is number 1. Any casual reader would think that the two companies are almost equally “admirable.” But as anybody with any knowledge of the high-tech industry knows these two companies are as different as day and night. Apple succeeded because it has loyal customers and great products, whereas Oracle, famous for its buggy products and long-suffering customers, is doing great only because it has killed all the competition. Unable to best his competitors, Ellison has been buying them one after the other (PeopleSoft, Siebel, BEA etc.) so that now a company that wants a database system with a business software on top has only one choice: Oracle. That is hardly a mark of excellence, just of a predator winning in the business jungle with anti-trust bodies abdicating their responsibilities
So, please, don't compare Apple and Oracle, you are really mixing apples with ...bad apples.

Your methodology of basing such findings on just results and relying on fellow executives is at best disingenuous, at worst pernicious: if to be admired you only look at how profitable a business is, then you should have the Mafia on top of the list, since it’s by far the most profitable business in the world (and shares many management traits with Oracle, by the way.) My point is actually made by none other than yourselves in your list of the Best Companies to Work for. Here, since the results are based on employee surveys, Oracle is nowhere to be seen and justly so: it is (in)famous throughout the industry for the horrendous way it treats its employees. Maybe you should point out that being the most admired company is NOT synonymous with a Best Company to Work for as evidenced by the Oracle case