Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Social Reponsability - Cannot mix dividends and layoffs

Oracle as announced dividends will be payed to shareholders for the first time in the company history.
We call the company to freeze any layoff projects that might be planned or under deployment, as the announced results do not demonstrate any risk regarding the company viability.
If any workforce reduction would be needed, we requiere a voluntary-leave-only program.
France as successfully initiated such a program with FR HR's Help.
This experience could easily be shared at a larger scale.

Let's build together a better world, a better Society and more socialy responsible company.

... And you know what ? employee morale will bring more success to the company and its customers.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beeing Fair - Oracle Ethics

Oracle Ethic duties are enforced in many levels, and we all periodically receive the "training refresh" workflow reminders. These duties have already led to employee dismissals.

However you need to be aware that Oracle Corporation is leading many Oracle Holdings in Cayman islands, Mauritus, Luxembourg.

Why would such dark accounting subs be of any interest for a bright Sarbanes Oxley compliant company ?

Layoff times are a crude reality.
The whole of Europe and the CFDT labor union are very dubious about those subs, in a time where highest morale is due to be held worldwide.
We cannot let money flows run lonely without any accountability nor employee nor governemental control.

We encourage every employee and employee rep to enquire for a clear undestanding of those haven holdings activities.

BEA CrossGain International

Cayman Islands
BEA International

Cayman Islands
Oracle International Holding Company

Cayman Islands
PeopleSoft C.I. Holdings Ltd.

Cayman Islands
SPL WorldGroup International Ltd.

Cayman Islands
Oracle Holding Antilles NV
Oracle Global Mauritus Ltd.

Please report any misconduct or ethics violation to our collective for a transparent employee driven investigation - Contact us :

The Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act
SEC Report (free account needed), Commercial Ethics Guide, FR Alter Eco CAC40 and offshore islands,
World Bank Policy
, The Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act