Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Keep up Beeing the bests -- But Use antics

Oracle trendemous commercial successes hide a more pityfull reality with an heavy disinvestment any many internal infrastructure areas. The FY01 2 Billion dollar internal IT economy plan, killing thousands of servers worldwide, bought a lot of centralisation, global efficiency on global processes but destroyed many precious sandboxes used in Support, Consulting, Pre-Sales.

The Oracle Virtualisation program has been very successful for customer infrastructures but keeps on beeing quite ridiculous for thousands of Oracle experts. Many of us still have to fight to build, transport, manager their VM images, with a complete lack of infrastructure sharing.
Networks, disks are kept busy transporting Virtual machines from one expert to the other, in a typical tribal image exchange.
Funding for machines is kept at the absolute minimum, without significant professional live program to build on-demand sandboxes.
Last but not least, the total shutdown of metalink external bug accesses has killed a lot of Expert Services value, in a time where value selling has never been so critical.

We feel Sun merger will not change the course of action, as we mainly miss the political strength to make things happen efficiently in the bottom-up approach.

Will any manager play its role and dare raising a voice that our way of playing internally with technology is now obsolete and having a very negative impact ?
Will employee reps voices be heard someday ?
Can success keep on going with less and less efficiency in the field ?

We still wait for official answers.