Thursday, June 30, 2005

Oracle & IBM - The Indian Cup Race

We recommand reading the article from Steve Lohr Published June 24, 2005 in the The New York Times.

13000 Jobs are beeing shutdown'ed in Europe/US while 14,000 are created in India.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Indian IT Professionals Competencies

Again from one of our readers, yet an other article from developer Pipeline :

Finally, wrapping up the current thread of offshore outsourcing, there's yet again a mixed-bag of information. On the one hand are stories noting an increasing ambivalence about outsourcing among IT executives, and a growing shortage of skilled workers in offshore center India threatens to raise wages there and possibly put a dent in future growth. On the flip-side, the labor shortage shows just how hot and high-growth the Indian IT job market is, and Indian software exports jumped 34% last year, to $12 Billion, so someone is hiring all of those programmers. One of your colleagues shared his thoughts about the best strategy for first-world programmers to stay competitive, and we printed his letter here. If you'd like to share your thoughts, we'd like to hear them -- this is one area among many where Developer Pipeline will try to bring you the latest news and information.

Friday, June 10, 2005

No place for E-Workers councils

Management has notified the local labor council today that they were now due to stop any communications towards employees on their internal site, apart from the sport/leisure stuff.
This decision comes at the exact same time with the restart of the Peoplesoft Merger Layoffs consultation, and after latests communications were reported as beeing the top hits from the web server.

The local Worker's council had managed to get a justice decision to cancel the previous Layoff consultation and made his position very clear towards employees.

Management seems to have decided it is time again to move back towards dark ages regarding Employee communication (raw paper distribution is still allowed ...).

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Which Place for E-Labor Unions

A trial will be held June 15th, in the 14th court of Justice of the Versailles Appeal court (5 Rue Carnot - Versailles - France).
What is at stake is the capability for a trade union to receive free subscriptions to an external newsgroup in order to send social communications to Oracle Employees.
400+ employees subscribed to a
vos-droits-oracle@yahoogroups newsletter since 2001. In August 2005, a law rewriting conducted Oracle Management to ask this newsgroup to be suspended because no aggreement had been concluded with the local labor union.
The labor union, referred to individual freedom rights and the internal internet usage policy allowing personnal access to internet.
If personnal and professional usage of internet and emails was allowed - Why would labor union E-usage be prohibited ?

The law indicates that labor union emails shall comply with antispam regulations and shall not overwhelm the internal systems. Would a 400 freely subscribed employee monthly letter be able to jam the huge internal Oracle Email System ?

This shall be examined by the Versailles court next week.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Offshore Salaries: Vietnam Is Cheapest, But India Is Still A Bargain

By courtesy of one of our readers and from InformationWeek, we advise you to read this report regarding IT developpers costs.
Indian salaries are still low and offer a place of choise regarding offshore.