Friday, June 10, 2005

No place for E-Workers councils

Management has notified the local labor council today that they were now due to stop any communications towards employees on their internal site, apart from the sport/leisure stuff.
This decision comes at the exact same time with the restart of the Peoplesoft Merger Layoffs consultation, and after latests communications were reported as beeing the top hits from the web server.

The local Worker's council had managed to get a justice decision to cancel the previous Layoff consultation and made his position very clear towards employees.

Management seems to have decided it is time again to move back towards dark ages regarding Employee communication (raw paper distribution is still allowed ...).


Anonymous said...

How amazing ?
Are we talking about the great software company ?

Anonymous said...

yes, we are. Oracle, the one and only one ... with Larry E. as head officer.
Oracle was already known for being tough with its customers so you can imagine how it is with its employees.