Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Corporations - Such a wonderful world

When a few images mean so much more than thousand words.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Employment Destruction

What's left for Mankind in our world, at times where micro-economic interests of few ones, takes precedence over the macro-economic best duties, and larger communities interests.

Such an heavy lorry driver like Oracle, hitting the brakes and throwing employees offboard is very sad example for the many other courageous companies, fighting for their survival, but still keeping their staff members onboard. Needless to add, the snowball effect leaving many more on the bench, outside the company, to be cared by governemental wellfare.

Having so many subsidiaries in Haven Islands : Cayman, Luxembourg, Mauritus, how much is left of the company
real benefits to feed in Tax departments and fund this wellfare ?

Isn't it time now for a renewal in citizenship, true Politics ?
Politics that would act in accordance to people needs ?
Politics that would enforce the world people voices, and rule the way corporations operates ?
Politics that would bring back trust in our world, in our economy, in our lives, for our children.

It is the reponsability of each one of us to use his voice and remind what Politics shall mean !