Friday, April 22, 2011

Oracle Global Reponsability - Let's build a real momentum

Oracle Earth week Celebration, with many volunteers in action for a better world is also an opportunity to request more from the company best assets - to make a better world.

CFDT, CGC, CGT, Oracle Labor Unions requestsworldwide free licencing of the Oracle software towards the healthcare non-profit organisations.

Why not offering the best software to save life or prevent people from beeing harmed ?

Health care institutions, Genetic diseases foundations deserves more empowerment from Oracle than just encouraging employees to take on their personal time to take telethon phone calls once a year.

We feel that the public sector and the non profit organisation could benefit the scalability, parallelisation capabilities, analytical datamining features of Oracle Software - For the best of mankind, and the honor of the company.

Let's remind that Oracle had a non GAAP Operating Margin of 44%, reaching 3.9 Billion dollars for a single last quarter.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The France Consulting Bonus Story

Lots of consulting contacts take any opportunity to express their interest regarding the France Consulting bonus "illegal" aspects. As a matter of facts, France has been excluded from Consulting, ACS, Education, Support bonus pools.
There has never been in the past problems with bonus as long as compensation distribution rules are clearly communicated. This has clearly not been the case in many teams, where bonuses were unevenly distributed, and where good performers with high utilisation rates could get nothing !
We also had a clear issue with female salary recognition regarding bonus.

This "unfair" treatment is the main illegal point which could have been easily corrected by entering into a description of rules on how to get a bonus on an individual basis.
Management refused to enter such a regulation, willing to keep the capability to change the rules, and distribute whatever they wanted to whoever without explainations.

This clearly was unacceptable as excellence must be shown and explainable. We would not support non explainable recognition. We contest the fact that bonus is deployed to reward performance, at least through some terminal management channels in France.

Therefore HR entered into an agreement with the labor unions to partially integrate the bonus rights within the base salary. And we still request for shared success recognition through SMART explainable goals to each individuals;

We shall see if attrition rates attracts more attention on finding the way for a better way of managing motivation and keeping the wheel of success running - Even in France.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Merger Hard facts - The job mapping process

Oracle Merger procedures can be quite rude and especially conservative when considering the target job code of a former employee. Like Siebel or Peoplesoft employees in the past, Sun people can legitimely ask the question on the hard facts dictating their final Oracle Grading.

We should expect IC3, IC4 population dispersion curves to be about the same between former Sun Employees and Oracle ones. However, the French works council analysis, during the merger consultation procedures showed a discrepency around the Sun level 9 grading, initially planned towards IC3 level, but replanned to IC4 in France.

It seems that other countries conducted subsequent mass remapping on a team per team basis, based on the approval cases built by management. It is still time to ask for clarification and, if justified, mass corrective actions can be approved by management.

If you feel undermapped - It is not to late to ask for a fair treatment to your management or through your workers representatives.

Don't hesitate to post comments on the link below.

Monday, March 14, 2011

EWC Annual Meeting March 16th

The company will hold its European Works Council this week in Reading. We all expect to have a good understanding on employment perspectives and salary strategy, as more and more people especially in sales and consulting take the opportunity to leave following the economy recovery.

We can already figure out the employment numbers through those internal sheets.

(Upd March 24) The official Communiqué is under EMEA Management Review.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oracle Support - Facing the hard facts

Revenue and margin cannot just go down with less people and less service provided to customers.

Can it ?

With the egyptian revolution messing up 2 thirds of some support European teams, times are really painful for our "Old Europe" collegues.

One of them submitted the the following Article from SearchOracle.Com.

Good reading

Monday, November 29, 2010

The rise and fall of Sun Microsystems

Have a look - Courtesy of Infoworld.
"Memorial Slideshow for a former Titan..."

Friday, November 19, 2010

European Works Council Statement

You may be interested in the following statement from the last European Works Council (Oracle Internal Network) regarding Oracle staff reduction plan for FY11.