Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Mrs Catz

A recent fortune article made a very good presentation of Safra Catz we recommand every employee to consider.

"If it's not in the numbers, I don't care how strategic it is, it doesn't play out."

The key was centralizing control. As an example, Catz cited the revamping of Oracle's customer-support service, a mundane yet critical cost center for all businesses. Before, Oracle offered support in soothing local accents and at tiered rates. After Catz was done crunching the numbers, all customers received 24/7 service at a single, lower price and from whichever product specialist picked up the line. "No negotiation," she said.

With two banking-oriented co-presidents, Oracle began methodically picking off one billion-dollar-plus software company after another -- Siebel and BEA were the biggest to follow PeopleSoft -- as well as scores of smaller tuck-in acquisitions that made Oracle a player in business applications.

Full Fortune Article.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pittsburgh G-20 Process Must Tackle Banking Secrecy, Illicit Financial Flows

Employee reps are constantly beeing refused access to informations regarding Oracle offshore operations.
We do support the "Global Financial Integrity" call to urge leaders to pursue measures to increase transparency in global finance and curtail illicit financial flows.
Why would there be such a secrecy, with autonomous computer networks not linked to the main Oracle Intranet, and impressive firewalls ?
Why would an honest company still need so many holdings in Haven Islands ?

We know for sure Oracle CAPAC is driving key operations to prevent country tax authorities to challenge zero or near zero withholing rates applied.
An other example, France Tax authorities are conducting a 6+ years revenue recognition review, challenging the operating cost transfer ratios used by the company.

It's time for an higher morale in Corporations !

Any information, idea on your side, other examples regarding those operations please contact us. We will guaranty your anonymity :

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Sun/Oracle Merger - EU Antitrust Probe

On Sept. 3, European Union regulators launched an antitrust probe into Oracle's (ORCL) tentative deal of Sun Microsystems (JAVA), saying they wanted to make sure Oracle was committed to developing Sun's rival open-source database software, MySQL.

"While getting MySQL as part of the Sun deal would eliminate a feisty competitor for Oracle, it's unlikely that the software giant would risk scuttling the deal over this issue. Amid the uncertainty over regulatory approval, Sun lost market share in the computer server business to IBM and Dell (DELL) in the second quarter, according to market researcher Gartner. If push comes to shove, Oracle will likely set MySQL free."

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Quotes from Business Week Article
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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Let's build a common future

I had a dream...
Where citizens, states, companies would share the same goals.
Where healthy corporations would contribute through their taxes in the global eco-system.
Where global employees would have the opportunity to express their point of view.
Where education would be a richness, not a cost.
Oracle is deploying important Reduction In Force plans, strong cost reductions, and training absolutely limited.
Thousands of employees are beeing layed of for "increased" global efficiency.

Can we build a future for our nations, after reinjecting billions of dollars in finance corporations, without having our company sharing the burden ?
Education investments should be a must for a better future...

Will some politicians share our dreams ?
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