Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Mrs Catz

A recent fortune article made a very good presentation of Safra Catz we recommand every employee to consider.

"If it's not in the numbers, I don't care how strategic it is, it doesn't play out."

The key was centralizing control. As an example, Catz cited the revamping of Oracle's customer-support service, a mundane yet critical cost center for all businesses. Before, Oracle offered support in soothing local accents and at tiered rates. After Catz was done crunching the numbers, all customers received 24/7 service at a single, lower price and from whichever product specialist picked up the line. "No negotiation," she said.

With two banking-oriented co-presidents, Oracle began methodically picking off one billion-dollar-plus software company after another -- Siebel and BEA were the biggest to follow PeopleSoft -- as well as scores of smaller tuck-in acquisitions that made Oracle a player in business applications.

Full Fortune Article.

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