Friday, June 02, 2006

Company Global Responsability - Pure Marketing ?

The "Oracle Corporate Citizenship Report" has now been publicly released on Oracle main web site.
We support the goals announced in this document but we have some heavy doubts regarding local implementations in the countries, and corporate approach of charities direct transposability within Europe.
As an example, handicapped people hiring is still handled with a hand on the heart, but no positive action (see previous press release).
More important, June 5th is, by law, dedicated in France to solidarity working financement, with French employees working at no extra charge. This solidarity day should be used to go within schools, hospitals, instead of usual customers !

Admirable Personnal Investments of employees should be shared with company investments. We regret to see this is clearly not the case for now.

We request our company to :
- Dedicate ressource on shared time investments for charity programs.
- Elaborate responsability programs with local labor unions.
- Fix precise goals and timeframes to hire handicapped people.
- Stop playing with employee reps by letting the clock run and really negociate a living European Work's Council, including Switzerland

We encourage all employees World Wide to give feedback in the comment link below.