Friday, December 26, 2008

Environnemental Responsability - Oracle Giving up ISO14001 Certification

Too bad, EMEA HR confirmed today that they will NOT go on the official ISO14001 certification process.
Although the official statement is still quite politically correct
"Oracle will continue to act in accordance with environmental standard ISO 14001 but will no longer seek the get ISO 14001 certification due to the excessive cost of external certification".

We regret very deeply the lack of external control on our process, considering the major issues facing our World in the very near future. We all know, especially in this financial turnmoil, how important external control is.

We must reeckon we fail to have the company monitor its CO2 emissions. Lots of traveling in certain areas severly impacts the environnement... The only answer for now is to add hybrid cars to the Oracle Policy and also watch for coffee cups !
Giving up the certification is one more step, in contradiction with the marketing still published internally regarding the ISO14001 certification.

If Cost is an issue, our labor union volunteers to pass auditing training and pre-certification review control.
Let's not give up our future !

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