Friday, April 22, 2011

Oracle Global Reponsability - Let's build a real momentum

Oracle Earth week Celebration, with many volunteers in action for a better world is also an opportunity to request more from the company best assets - to make a better world.

CFDT, CGC, CGT, Oracle Labor Unions requestsworldwide free licencing of the Oracle software towards the healthcare non-profit organisations.

Why not offering the best software to save life or prevent people from beeing harmed ?

Health care institutions, Genetic diseases foundations deserves more empowerment from Oracle than just encouraging employees to take on their personal time to take telethon phone calls once a year.

We feel that the public sector and the non profit organisation could benefit the scalability, parallelisation capabilities, analytical datamining features of Oracle Software - For the best of mankind, and the honor of the company.

Let's remind that Oracle had a non GAAP Operating Margin of 44%, reaching 3.9 Billion dollars for a single last quarter.

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