Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The France Consulting Bonus Story

Lots of consulting contacts take any opportunity to express their interest regarding the France Consulting bonus "illegal" aspects. As a matter of facts, France has been excluded from Consulting, ACS, Education, Support bonus pools.
There has never been in the past problems with bonus as long as compensation distribution rules are clearly communicated. This has clearly not been the case in many teams, where bonuses were unevenly distributed, and where good performers with high utilisation rates could get nothing !
We also had a clear issue with female salary recognition regarding bonus.

This "unfair" treatment is the main illegal point which could have been easily corrected by entering into a description of rules on how to get a bonus on an individual basis.
Management refused to enter such a regulation, willing to keep the capability to change the rules, and distribute whatever they wanted to whoever without explainations.

This clearly was unacceptable as excellence must be shown and explainable. We would not support non explainable recognition. We contest the fact that bonus is deployed to reward performance, at least through some terminal management channels in France.

Therefore HR entered into an agreement with the labor unions to partially integrate the bonus rights within the base salary. And we still request for shared success recognition through SMART explainable goals to each individuals;

We shall see if attrition rates attracts more attention on finding the way for a better way of managing motivation and keeping the wheel of success running - Even in France.

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