Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Which Place for E-Labor Unions

A trial will be held June 15th, in the 14th court of Justice of the Versailles Appeal court (5 Rue Carnot - Versailles - France).
What is at stake is the capability for a trade union to receive free subscriptions to an external newsgroup in order to send social communications to Oracle Employees.
400+ employees subscribed to a
vos-droits-oracle@yahoogroups newsletter since 2001. In August 2005, a law rewriting conducted Oracle Management to ask this newsgroup to be suspended because no aggreement had been concluded with the local labor union.
The labor union, referred to individual freedom rights and the internal internet usage policy allowing personnal access to internet.
If personnal and professional usage of internet and emails was allowed - Why would labor union E-usage be prohibited ?

The law indicates that labor union emails shall comply with antispam regulations and shall not overwhelm the internal systems. Would a 400 freely subscribed employee monthly letter be able to jam the huge internal Oracle Email System ?

This shall be examined by the Versailles court next week.

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CFDT Oracle said...

FYI : Justice decision is expected in Mid September 2005.