Thursday, October 20, 2005

France : PS/JDE EICP should be a thing from the past

Following the PS/JDE Merger, the French local Worker's council is beeing consulted on Terms & Conditions changes proposals to ex- JDE/PS employees.
Oracle intends to propose a move towards, Discretionnary Bonuses (Consulting/Admin/IT/Marketing/Translation...) or Oracle University Variable Salary (Education) (when appropriate) in exchange of a one time compensation.
This one time compensation, paid one shot when accepting the change, has been built to compensate 2 years EICP.
However, the third and the following years, Oracle rules will apply and may lead to lower discretionnary bonus payments, including no payment at all, as seen in the past.

This proposal should promote employee mobility and streamline management processes.
We feel Oracle proposals are also an attempt to move from a contractual salary to a non contractual one, not enforceable anymore.

However the decision is in each employee's hands, who should consider his bests interests.

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