Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Minor" Resource Adjustment in support

The Layoff Radar is going crazy with an bloody Apr 15th within the support organisation reported by many sources on the layoff blog
We have no indication yet of any deployment within Europe, as the EU consultation directive will enforce a strict consultation process, and hopefully better employee considerations.

Let's remind that Support is one of the most profitable activities of Oracle and that many customers, not ready for "extra advanced" customer care services, urge Oracle for a more human-friendly support organisation, taking ownership of problems instead of asking hours investments from the customer in the building support cases.

Please note we do not support the very few hate messages of pushing employees against each others based on their home country. We should all rely on higher standards, and take every opportunity, within the company and outside for building a more responsible world, sharing shared growth opportunities, and reminding as Henry Ford envisioned, that employees are at the end customers.

Few samples of posts from layoff blog :
#787 - Layoff happening at the Oracle Support Center today. Too bad. These are people with many years of experience. I guess they’ll be twicely replaced in India or China, minus the experience of course.

#794 - i got laid off too! Services East Coast! pretty shabby way - 8:01 - got the call, was read some script; 10:05 fedex drops me a pkg from oracle and 12:04 no more access to internal vpn sh*thole.

#803 - Was with Oracle over 10 years and the layoffs (while focused un some senior and upper
management) is hitting all layers — especially in Support.

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