Thursday, November 02, 2006

UK ruled as uncompliant regarding EU rest break rules

The European Court of Justice as ruled a statement indicating the UK government is breaking the law by not forcing employers to give their staff rest breaks between shifts.
The UK transposition was considered as far too flexible, by stating the rules as indications but not enforcing them.

Finish presidency
unveiled a plan to reduce this gap between UK and the rest of Europe (EU Observer).

This approach reminds of many Oracle statements regarding the need for better employee relations and representativity, at a time where :
- The Oracle EWC is still negociated by EU HR as a "tea and biscuits conversation body with mgmt"
- Many countries still miss their local Worker's Council
- A very active labor union delegate in France from CFDT is under an unfair layoff procedure attempt, only aiming at reducing employee representation.

More informations :
Europe Observatory - BBC News - Herald Tribune -

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