Monday, May 16, 2005

Oracle France Worker's council in Justice

Friday May 13th, the french worker's council acted in Justice to have Peoplesoft layoff plan cancelled.
Very eager to have 7% of its workforce layed-off, Oracle France decided to play a pre-merger dismissal plan, due to planned redudancies when the legal merger will happen (May 31th in France).

The negociation failed with the CFDT labor union regarding job internal redeployment, layoff compensations and job search readiness process.

As Oracle lawyer agreed to reckon flaws in front of the judge, jugdment shall come quickly and order a full restart/review of the layoff plan.

The cancelled process may be the opportunity to build common ground on the company's future and shared benefits for all of those who made peoplesoft purchase possible.

Decision from justice is due end of May.

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